Dancing itself is the grace of nature

Each and everything in our nature is dancing. Even you are dancing right now.

But it needs to be performed with a certain level of gracefulness.

All the natural content which remains untouched from artificiality such as trees, birds, water, soil, flowers all the basic fundamental aspects of our life has their own language of dance. They perform it in their own way.

To be able to observe it, you need to look at everything with far more attention. Most of the eyes will skip the grace of it. One must have a great sense of life to see it.

Basing on the fundamentals of dance we humans have categorized dance in so many dance forms like Indian Classic, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Salsa etc. But we are incapable of dancing beyond this limitation of dance forms as our level of flexibility is limited to some extent. Even the facial expressions have it’s own limitation that we use in our daily life.

So that explains how our flexibility and facial expressions are limited which applies to every life around us.

More details on expressions are elaborated in ‘Natyasastra’. The name of this book itself has its own significance where ‘Nat’ means – Act and ‘Sastra’ means – Manual. The time period when this Sanskrit book was written is considered to be approx 500 BCE.

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