Resemblance of Dance & Life

Dance and life are not separate aspects.

If you think an academic dance teaching is the only way you can learn dance and that is why you are still untouched by the grace of dance as the dance teaching is not yet in your experience. Then you are in a wrong assumption for sure.

It is just that you are not doing it right or in other words, you are unable to sync dance with your very lifestyle.

While dancing, irrespective of the sense that we carry with ourselves, there are two aspects of it. One that we perform consciously and another one which involves unconsciousness. The time when someone dances on a platform a story or some other fact finds expression by mudras(gestures), abhinaya(acting) and different postures.

We need to bring some sense of understanding while performing them so that the viewer could easily observe the exact emotions involved in it and gets connected to it which leaves a huge impact in itself. Contextually facial expression plays an important role to express the moods, thoughts, speech and so many other factors.

Just moving hands and body to make it technically correct and not having the proper sense of the value of what is being projected involves unconsciousness. At the time of performance, if we bring the necessary awareness as to what we are trying to say by the act, the atmosphere will become delighted, the dance will become alive and that is the kind of dance that we are referring to as a conscious dance act. And that is the difference between the two aspects of dance.

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